Womens Suits are the Cornerstone of Professional Wardrobes...
Select the Right
Ladies Business Suit for You

Womens suits, really, all women's clothing, contributes to the opinion people form about you within seconds of meeting you. Since ladies business suits are often worn in professional settings, those impressions can help to promote or hinder your career goals.

In this introduction to womens suits, we'll cover everything from inexpensive business suits for women to designer suits women will appreciate, from plus size suits, petite suits, and suits for tall women to time-honored tailored suits for women that are made perfectly and especially for your life, career and body type.

Things to Consider When Buying Womens Suits

Here are some things to think about when you're buying business suits for women:

1. Your budget

2. Your objective/purpose

3. Your body type

4. Your industry/the occasion

Selecting a ladies business suit, whether it's plus size pant suits or cheap suits, is easier if you leverage a few tips. For detailed ladies business suit selection strategies, click here.

Inexpensive Business Suits for Women

If your budget is limited or you already have at least two or three staple women's suits in your wardrobe and you want to add something more trendy, an inexpensive business suit for women is probably your best option. For more information click here.

Designer Suits: Women

On the other hand, designer suits women desire could be a better choice if you have a bit more cash to invest in a ladies business suit and you need a staple suit or have an important business meeting or job interview coming up.

Womens designer suits are usually tailored better than inexpensive business suits for women and present a more polished image than cheap suits do.

Choosing the right womens suit and accessories can make a powerfully positive statement about you and your capabilities. Plus, if you know where, when and how to shop, you don't have to bankrupt your personal bank account (think MyHabit--just click the link in the upper left corner of this page to check them out, Editor's Closet--see the link below, Saks Off 5th Avenue, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc.).

Women's Pant Suits

Womens pant suits may be seen as more authoritative than a ladies skirt suit. If you are in management or an executive level position and a situation arises that requires you to exude an extra dose of power (e.g., introducing a major policy change), a well-fitted charcoal womens pant suit, especially with a touch of the right color red (not too bright and not orange) can be an excellent facilitator.

If you’re in a creative industry, you can be bolder in your choice of suit colors and accessories.

For more information click here.

Dress Suits for Women & Womens Skirt Suits

Instead of pant suits, dress suits for women or women's skirt suits may be the answer if the situation requires a bit more female prowess and tenacity (e.g., a new client or account), still include a punch of red in your outfit.

If you have an apple body shape, or some different body type that is blessed with a fabulous pair of legs…remember, dress suits for women and skirt suits can be one of the best assets in your professional wardrobe.

Plus Size, Petite & Suits for Tall Women

Actually, any well-chosen womens suit that fits your body type and proportions can be an asset to your business clothes for women wardrobe. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a challenge to find well-made womens suits (e.g., in high quality fabrics) in “special sizes”, when compared to supposed “average” sizes, even though the average height and weight for women in America, anyway, is nearly a petite and practically a plus size. However, there are good options available if you know when and where to look.

Tailored Suits for Women

Tailored suits for women are a more affordable luxury that women of various shapes and sizes appear to be investing in now more than in the recent past (especially when it comes to women’s business suits), but still not as much as before the advent of ready-to-wear womens suits.

However, once women's tailored suits are experienced, you may rarely, if ever, want to buy off the rack again (reminds me of the not wanting to drink any type of tea but whole-leaf tea after I tasted it for the first time). If you do buy off the rack again, as your budget may dictate, you’ll probably have a greater appreciation for the handiwork of a skilled seamstress, dressmaker or tailor.

Evaluation Criteria for High Quality Womens Suits

▪ Fabric has good weight and loft

▪ Fabric is made of natural fibers (e.g., wool, silk, linen)
or high quality blends

▪ Patterns on fabric are aligned

▪ Seams are finished, lay flat and are smooth

▪ Seams and garment are well-sewn or stitched

▪ Buttons and embellishments are sewn onto garment well

▪ Replacement buttons are packaged with the garment

▪ Darts, pleats and pockets are smooth and lay flat

▪ Seam allowances and hems are sufficient to allow for alterations,
as necessary

▪ Garments are lined, as warranted

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