Womens Pant Suits:
How to Pick the Perfect Pair...
Know Thyself & Thy Purpose

Here are seven strategies that will help you choose business womens pant suits that work.

1. Know what your budget is for the pants suit.
2. Know your body and what cuts, styles, fabrics look best on it.
3. Know what the primary place(s)/events are where you'll wear the suit.
4. Know what your primary purpose for the suit is.
5. Know what the dress code is for the activity or event when you'll wear the suit the most.
6. Know which shoes you'll wear with the suit the most.
7. Know what makes you feel your best, most beautiful or more powerful.

See the details about each strategy below the Womens Clothing Boutique's Pants Suit Department...

1. Your Budget

When it comes to a women pant suit let the purpose and occasion help determine your budget. If you're buying the suit because you want to add some trendy spice to your wardrobe, with a suit similar to this bejeweled MetroStyle one on the left, beware of over-investing and consider buying less expensive womens pant suits, since you may not get too many wears out of it. If you're "Miss Money Bucks" and have no budget limitations, perhaps you can disregard this advice :).

Now, if you're headed to a meeting and a partnership or major contract is on the line…or you're interviewing for that dream job…buy the best ladies business suit you can afford…finely tailored, complimentary, high-quality, and timeless...like this Stella McCartney pant suit on the right.

2. Your Body

So, what's complimentary? If you're like most women and you want your womens pant suits to make your body look proportionate and hourglass-like…here are a few tricks:

A. If your torso is short in comparison to the rest of your body…like mine is…you might try wearing no-waistband slacks, an un-tucked blouse (see suit below on left), and/or a longer jacket (see Stella McCartney suit on upper right).

B. Regarding height, if you want to give the illusion of being taller and more slender…wear shades of the same color jacket, blouse and pants for an uninterrupted, long, lean look that is also interesting…especially if you also vary the textures of the like color pieces.

C. If you want to define your waist more distinctly, make sure your jacket is nipped at the waist versus choosing a boxy jacket that doesn't help to define the waist. Also be strategic with belts, wide belts help to emphasize a narrow waist and narrower belts can make a thicker waist look slimmer…good posture and body shapers can also help to slenderize the waist.

D. If you have wider hips and a tiny waist, slacks with a trouser cut can help slenderize the appearance of your hips (see trouser pants on model wearing the monochromatic plus size pant suit on the right)…high-waisted, pencil slacks would maximize their appearance and minimize the narrowness of your waist. Pushing up the sleeves of your suit jacket or wearing 3/4 length sleeves can also help to minimize hip width, so can wearing jackets that stop above the widest part of your hips.

For more strategies on dressing for your body type, in womens pant suits and other business attire for women, click here.

3. Your Purpose

Again, the more important the purpose or event, the more important it is for womens pant suits to be high the quality and well suited for the purpose or occasion (e.g., beware of wearing a 9-5 business suit to an after five event, unless you're prepared to dress it up…trade out the conservative pumps for something higher and strappier, the office blouse for something with a little bling…otherwise, a cocktail dress or a fantastic designer pant suit like the first one in the upper right is much more appropriate).

4. Your Where

Maybe it's common sense, but be sure to also select a women pant suit that fits the environment. If you're at an event at the beach, don't be afraid to wear something with some island flair…lighter and more airy, yet still business appropriate…maybe a linen womens pant suit would be a good bet.

A friend of mine ceases to amaze me…she believes in playing up a theme…if she's going to an event at a ranch, she will have on some western gear…if it's a corporate event with a safari theme, you might mistake her for Jane Goodall…my point…beware of wearing your mink to a PETA meeting or a beach banquet…consider where your event or meeting is being held and be sure your womens business attire is appropriate for "the where".

5. The Code

Visit Catherines on-line to find business casual women's pant suits.

If you're attending an annual meeting and you're the only one in a traditional pant suit and everyone else is in business casual attire, like the model wearing the Catherines plus size pant suit above…you may have missed the memo or the failed to crack the dress code for the event.

If you aren't sure if the event calls for after 5, formal or business casual attire…don't be afraid to ask a head of time so that you can be prepared. It's also usually a better idea to lean toward being over-dressed than under-dressed…just be prepared to dress down if necessary (e.g., lose the jacket if it seems too formal and just work the blouse underneath it).

6. Your Shoes

Shoes for Every Woman at Heels.com!

Quick overview…make sure your shoes are polished and well-maintained, sport a pair comfortable enough to see you through the meeting or event, save the six-inch Manolos for after-five and formal events, women with bigger legs look great in chunkier heels, skinnier ankles and legs look best in more slender heels.

7. Your Mindset

How you feel when you're wearing the selected womens pant suit may trump any of the first 6 rules, unless you're such a creative spirit that what makes you feel best breaks all of the rules industry, dressing for your body type, etc…but it you're creative enough…who knows, maybe you're starting a new fashion trend…just be advised…in some industries, people who appear to be different from the majority of people in their industry may advance at a slower rate than conformists.

As a Woman Thinketh...

But I'll never forget the episode of America's Top Model when Tyra Banks asked one of the Top Model hopefuls whose dress she had on. It wasn't like the dress didn't fit well and it was both beautiful and appropriate for the occasion. The young lady just didn't look like she felt comfortable or confident in it. She didn't wear it like it "was her". Perhaps that's what's meant by the clothes wearing the lady vs. the lady wearing the clothes. So, if you don't feel like a you are at your best, try to find the pants suit in which you feel your most wonderful, confident and capable.

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