"What is my Body Type?"
Here Are Two simple Ways to Find Out

Pondering the answer to the question, "What is my body type?" can help you discover body type fashion advice and tips that give you the power of dressing for your body type in business clothing that looks great on your body every single time you put them on.

Two Approaches

In general, you can determine your female body shape by finding a pre-determined woman body type that matches yours the closest. Or you can utilize a more versatile and sophisticated system for identifying your personal and unique body type.

Traditional & Static Body Typing Approach

First is the static traditional way of identifying "what is my body type". It is based on the general description of three to twelve (12) different, pre-determined body shapes (e.g., mesomorphs, the pear shape body, apple body shape).

We have created a composite diagram using a variety of different body type categories (e.g., four body shapes, three body types).

To identify your body shape, simply choose the model who's body shape looks the most like yours in the following outline.

Composite Body Type Categories

Each of the various systems uses different names to describe similar body shapes. To simplify things, we've given the five general woman body types a name that we'll use to refer to the specific female body shape described by these systems (e.g., if we refer to a pyramidal body shape, you'll know we're talking about the pear, gynaeoid, skittle, bell, B (of ABC), A (of MYSHAPE) and the triangle body shapes).

We've borrowed the names of different types of trees to label these five general woman body shapes: pyramidal, v-shaped, reverse ovate, rounded and columnar.

Here are the near-equivalents of all five of our body shape names:

Pyramidal: pear, gynaeoid, skittle (bowling pin), bell, B (of ABC), A (of MYSHAPE), and triangle body shapes

V-Shaped: strawberry, thyroid, goblet, cornet, Y, inverted triangle

Reverse Ovate: hour glass, android, mesomorph, vase, cello, A (of ABC), S and M

Rounded: apple, lymphatic, endomorph, brick, E (of MYSHAPE), and circle or diamond

Columnar: banana, ectomorph, cornet, lollipop, column, C (of ABC), F (of DEF), H, P and rectangle or ruler

Variety...The Spice of Life...Hmm?

Each of these five general shapes have a number of variations that could occur. For instance, Trinny and Susannah's lollipop is a banana or columnar body type with large breasts. Their vase is what we might refer to as a tall reverse ovate or hour glass figure.

Since the options are numerous, we created a system that doesn't call for "trying to fit a square peg into a round hole" or every woman into one of five or even 12 different body types.

Modern & Flexible Body Typing Approach

Still wondering, "what is my body type?" Well, the Artistry & Strategy Body Shape Fashion Advice System is versatile. It was created with fashion in mind. The number of different body types is almost limitless, this system was designed to help every woman easily identify her unique body shape.

Ultimatley, you can master the strategy of dressing for your body type and career goals.

Unlike most women's body type categories, the Artistry & Strategy system takes several proportions into consideration: from overall height, to segment lengths and circumferences.

Regardless of how unusual you think your body is, there's no reason you have to keep wondering, "What is my body type?" Visit the Artistry & Strategy Body Shape Fashion Advice System page to learn more.

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