Posture Help Improves
Woman’s Professional Appearance
Using Posture Support Corrector

Posture help is invaluable if you suffer from slouching or slumping. Beautiful posture is one of your most important accessories when it comes to your professional appearance in women’s business clothes.

Could you use a posture support corrector or two?

My Posture Help

My help came from my grandmother; it enhanced the way my women’s business clothes fit and how I presented myself. If you’ve read anything about me on this site, you may know that I’m a six foot tall woman…so was my grandmother.

In my general teenage-life, that wasn’t always the bonus that it was on the basketball court.

What does Slouching Posture Communicate?

Even though my grandmother was taller than my grandfather, she had the posture of a military retiree…her regular reminders to “sit up,” “stand tall” and the ultimate one that went something like, “You don’t look any shorter when you slouch, you only look insecure in who you are,” helped me to develop good posture.

However, as I entered my forties and my physical activity level decreased, sedentary work began taking its toll and my ability to maintain good posture was challenged.

Why Women Slouch

Main Entry: slouch
Pronunciation: slau̇ch
2: a gait or posture characterized by an ungainly stoopingof the head and shoulders or excessive relaxation of body muscles

Unfortunately, not all women have had posture help like encounters with the "posture police" or weren't given repetitive encouragement and support to "stand tall".

As girls blossom into womanhood and begin developing breasts, especially if they’re generous in proportion, some girls slouch in an effort to conceal them...

while girls with small breasts may slump as well, hoping maybe that their poor posture may be identified as the reason their breasts aren't so obvious instead of their actual size.

Young amazons may slump in an effort to appear more petite : ).

Other women can stand to strengthen their abdominal and back muscles to better support their bodies. Neck muscles that weaken as they are stretched by forward head posture may also need to be strengthened, while contracted pectoral (chest) muscles may require stretching.

Sometimes simply learning to sit, stand and walk properly (e.g., healthy neck, back, pelvis, leg and foot alignment) is the only posture support corrector that’s needed.

Awareness is, perhaps, one of the most effective posture support correctors there is.

There are also women who may have skeletal or muscular maladies that may hinder them from displaying good posture. These women may be well served by a posture support vest or shoulder posture support aids.

Tips for Improving Your Posture

• Accept you
• Be aware
• Use a girdle (your core muscle girdle that is : )
• Look your best
• Get help

Accept You

If we aren’t feeling secure in ourselves, oftentimes it’s reflected in our posture…regardless of the reason(s). If we aren’t accepting of ourselves people can usually tell it simply by looking at our slumping posture.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. I read a book years ago by Gary Smalley, Love is a Decision. I couldn’t agree with him more. Even though his focus was on the relationship between spouses, it applies here as well.

Try it...if you don’t already, decide to love yourself. When I read the Word of God and am reminded of who my Creator says I am…it encourages me to embrace and to reflect Love.

Be Aware

If you’re standing, good posture begins in your feet, travels right up your body and out through the top of your head.

However, if you aren’t aware of what good posture looks and feels like, it may be a challenge trying to display it…

Here’s what good posture looks and feels like…

ground your feet…make sure that you aren’t rolling in toward your instep or out toward the outer part of your foot…

your weight should be evenly distributed through your heels, the balls of your feet and the bottoms of your feet around the outer parts of them (think of what a footprint looks like)…your arches should be lifted and your toes should have a gentle, yet firm grasp of the ground beneath them...

your knees should have “ease” in them…they shouldn’t be thrust back or held rigidly straight…

the pelvis should be held in an upright, yet slightly forward tilt, which requires the activation of your front and rear thigh muscles and your tush/behind/bum, back, and abdominal muscles…proper posture helps give your behind a rounder appearance than does poor posture…and your abdominal area a flatter one...

for back posture helps…use your back muscles to lift your chest, lightly pull your shoulder blades up, out and down while lifting up tall and easy through your spine…

bringing your spine into proper alignment (slight curve out in the shoulder area, curving in gently around at the back, and back out somewhat in the tailbone area)…

lift up through your neck placing it over the center/top of your shoulders, not too far back and not way in the front of the shoulders...nor to the left or right, while still having a mere curve up the length of your neck…

having the neck and spine in proper alignment can give women a taller, leaner appearance…

besides, when the neck is out of alignment and the head is in a forward position, it’s like struggling to balance a bowling ball at the top of your spine that some women can’t even lift well enough with their fingers and hands to effectively roll down a bowling alley…

and some of us may wonder why we occasionally feel neck or back pain!?!

Use a Girdle

You have a natural girdle…it’s strong core muscles. Practicing good posture is ironically one of the best ways to strengthen them (this has been my strategy for my latest posture help).

Exercises which also help to strengthen back, abdominal, and gluteus (behind) muscles can also be very useful when performed safely and correctly (e.g., pilates, feldenkrais).

Look Your Best

Ever watch TLC’s What Not to Wear, 10 Years Younger, or some show similar to them? Do the participants, or do they not, tend to have better posture after they get their “new looks”?

In my experience, when women look their best, they know it. When they do, they aren’t trying to disappear…no slumping or slouching…they tend to stand tall and elegantly strong.

Get Help

If the tips that are listed above don’t address your particular case, you might consider:

. getting a fitness assessment, including a posture assessment
. participating in a strength training or physical therapy program
. trying a posture support vest or bra
. using ergonomically designed chairs, pillows, etc. to provide additional posture support
. or utilizing some other type of back, should or neck posture help.

No Panacea

Again, awareness is no panacea or cure-all, but it goes a long way in offering many women the type of posture help that allows them to project the image that they choose for themselves.

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