Plus Size Tall Womens Clothing:
Best Places to Find It
From Professional to Fun

Before plus size tall womens clothing was ready-to-wear...before there was ready-to-wear tall clothing for women, period...there were plus size sewing patterns and sewing machines.

Learning how to sew kept me from shopping in the boy's department so frequently, or wearing ill-fitting girls clothing that hit above my wrists and ankles.

Custom-sewn garments are still a great option for plus size tall womens clothing, but these days, thank goodness, there are viable ready-to-wear women's attire options for those of us who are difficult to fit. These choices tend to be less expensive than customized womens large size clothing.

Shopping: Tall Plus Size Suits, Dresses, Etc.

Typically, it's easier to find options for tall plus size women's dresses, suits and blouses than it is to find tall pants or slacks. The following retailers offer a mix of'll find trousers retailers in the next section.

Long Elegant Legs - up to size 24
Long Tall Sally - up to size 22
Height Goddess - up to size 20
JCPenney - up to size 20
MetroStyle - up to size 20
Old Navy - up to size 20
Ann Taylor - up to size 18

Dorothy Perkins - up to size 18
Banana Republic - up to size 16
Boden - up to size 16
Gap - up to size 16

Shopping: Tall Large Size Slacks & Skirts

In the market for plus size tall pants and/or skirts? Here are some additional stores from which to choose:

Avenue - up to size 32

Lane Bryant - up to size 28
Eddie Bauer - up to size 20
Talbots - up to size 20
Lands End - up to size 16
Quincy Apparel - up to size 16

Customized Plus Size Tall Womens Clothing

If none of these work for you, you’re looking for a great suit for work, and if it’s in the budget...consider a customized plus size womens suit from BlueSuits Online. They offer tall full figure clothing, up to size 22.

You also have the option of finding seamstresses and tailors who can create custom garments from patterns you provide or they may have their own collection of options...which may save you some cash.

If you know how to sew, you can even select clothing sewing patterns to create your own tailor-made women's prepared to make basic adjustments so patterns accommodate your tall, voluptuous full-figure.

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