Pear Shape Body:
How to Identify Pear Shaped Women

A pear shape body (a.k.a. triangle) is easy to I.D. If you can answer 'yes' to the following three questions, chances are, you, like Jennifer Lopez, Mischa Barton and Ruby Gettinger, are a woman with a pear body shape.

#1: Do you have delicate, narrow shoulders, especially in comparison to your hips?

Women with a pear shaped body tend to have narrow shoulders. Unlike ladies with hour glass or reverse ovate (reverse triangle or strawberry) shaped figures, body types that are a pear shape tend to have shoulders that are not similar in width to their hips.

Women with a pear shape body have delicate shoulders that are not very well defined.

However, their waist is another story all together.

#2: Do you have a narrow, well-defined waist compared to your hips?

A pear shaped woman has a waist measurement that is small in comparison to her hips. Along with her thin waist, she may also have thick, curvy thighs. A pear shaped lady's waist measurement is usually eight to ten or more inches narrower than her hip measurement.

The pear shape body sports a tiny, well-defined waist in comparison to the hips.

As well-defined as the waists on pear shaped women are, it's the hips on the triangle shape body that usually take center stage.

#3: Do your hips measure at least 8 inches more than you waist does?

Pear shaped women tend to have curvaceous, generously proportioned hips when compared to their waist and shoulders. Interestingly enough, even within the pear body shape family, different body types a degree.

A woman who has a slender build may have a pear shaped body even if her hips aren't a full 10 inches wider than her waist if she obviously carries much of her weight in her hip and upper thigh area (e.g., JLo, maybe). Further, the pear body shape, can have a somewhat flat or rounded behind (bell shaped body) or be full-figured or plus sized (e.g., Ruby Gettinger).

Women with pyramidal body shapes have hips that can easily be the central focus of her body.

The Pear Body Shape Verdict

If you answered yes to each of the three questions above, you are probably a pear shaped woman, like Jennifer, Mischa and Ruby. However, woman body types aren't just about hip, waist and shoulder measurements.

There are different body types within the general category of pear shaped women. Some women with a triangular shaped figure have large breasts, other ladies have small to medium size breasts. The same goes for the behinds, etc.

Comprehensive Body Typing System

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