Job Interview Dress Code:
How to Dress for an Interview

Let's talk about the job interview dress code, if you're transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom, college student or have worked in a casual environment...knowing how to dress for an interview in a more professional setting is important.

If you are moving into a traditional industry, like banking, accounting, insurance, etc., you'll want to present a stereotypically professional appearance. If you're moving into a more creative industry...the interview dress code is different...the same goes for casual work environments.

Not Breaking the Interview Clothes for Women Code Can Cost You

If you don't know how to dress for an interview, you're already limiting your chances for getting into your new field...unlocking the job interview dress code isn't difficult and it is worth the effort.

People Still Judge Books & Potential Employees By Their Exteriors

Whether we like it or not, people judge other people based upon their appearance even when it comes to such an important decision as insurance...or well, just about any thing else...

In a only few seconds your prospective employer and prospective clients will attempt to determine your level of skill, intellect, trustworthiness, etc. simply based on how you present yourself, based largely on what you choose as interview clothes for women.

Even if you know the insurance business inside and out, some people wouldn't even give you a chance if you don't pass their First Impressions, let your look add to your credibility vs. detracting from it.

See if you can identify the appropriate job interview dress code for insurance sales in the following three scenarios.

Which Applicant Would You Hire...Everything Else Being Equal?

Let's paint a picture...

Applicant A: She's dressed in a suit that's far too revealing, with a skirt that's way too snug, her make-up is a bit overdone and her perfume invades your nose as she's approaching 25 yards away.

Applicant B: She's dressed in Sperry loafers (top-siders) and has on a freshly pressed pair of khakis. Her top is a pastel yellow golf shirt. The only make-up she's wearing is lip gloss.

Applicant C: She's wearing a nicely tailored black pant suit. The blouse underneath it is a fitted, pin-stripped womanly, but not too frilly-looking button-down that is unbuttoned at the neckline. Her leather pumps are well-maintained and mid-height. Her briefcase is eye-catching but isn't too much.

So, which one of these candidates knows how to dress for an interview? If all you had to base your decision on was first impressions, which applicant would you hire to sell insurance for your company and which one would you prefer to buy insurance from?

Drumroll Please...

Right...Applicant C, it looks like she cracked the job interview dress code. If applicant B were interviewing for a sales position at a golf shop, she might be able to get away with her look.

Applicant C is adhering to what just might be the closest thing to a Universal Job Interview Dress Code. However, different industries may hold different expectations for work attire (e.g., fashion industry)...when we know expectation and industry interview dress code and adhere to these sometimes unspoken rules...we increase our chances of career success.

Best wishes for much success in your new career!

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