Inverted Triangle Body Shape:
How to Identify
a Reversed Pear Shape Body
(a.k.a. V Shaped Body)

An inverted triangle body shape (a.k.a. strawberry body shape) can be identified by answering two questions. If you answer 'yes' to both of them you may have a reversed pear shape body similar to Hayden Panettiere's.

Question #1

Do you have well-developed upper body (e.g., strong shoulders and a full bust), especially in comparison to your hips?

Women with a v shaped body or an inverted triangle body shape tend not to have narrow shoulders like women with a pear body shape. Unlike ladies with hour glass or reverse ovate figures, reversed pear shapes tend to have shoulders that are not similar in width to their hips.

Reverse pear body types have broad, well-defined shoulders and ample busts.

However, the hips of a woman with a v shaped body are another story.

Question #2

Do you have narrow hips in comparison to your shoulders and bust, but are about the same circumference as your waist?

The woman with an inverted pear body type has a hip measurement that is similar to her waist, but significantly narrower than her shoulders and bust.

The reversed triangle shaped body features narrow hips, in comparison to the shoulders and bust.

The Verdict

If you answered yes to each of the two questions above, you, like Hayden Panettiere, are probably a reverse pear shaped woman. However, woman body types include measurements other than hip, waist and shoulders.

There are different body types within the general category of inverted pear shaped women, for example a female with a reverse triangle body build, can wear junior, misses, or plus sizes.

Comprehensive Body Typing System

For a more sophisticated ladies body type identification system, see the Artistry & Strategy Body Shape Fashion Tips page. Discover how your vertical and horizontal proportions can be different, even within the same overall body type, and how knowing what your shape is can help you select womens business attire that will help you present your most professional you within your industry and globally.

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