The Ideal Body Shape
or Perfect Body
for Women in Business

The ideal body shape for woman's figure is defined in a multitude of ways...

Proportion & Balance

In art and fashion, the perfect body or ideal body shape is about proportion and balance.

Height-wise, art and fashion drawing books teach that proportion is divided up into eight (and sometimes up to 10) head lengths for fashion figures. Four for the upper body and four for the lower (zero-1: head, 1-2: neck and shoulders, 2-3: bust and rib cage, 3-4: pelvic/hip region, 4-5: upper thigh, 5-6: lower thigh and knee area, 6-7: knee/calf, 7-8: lower leg/ankle/foot).

However, according to Don Bolognese & Elaine Raphael, a normally proportioned figure is usually only seven head lengths tall (zero-1: head, 1-2: neck, shoulders and bust, 2-3: rib cage and upper hip region, 3-4: lower hip region and upper thigh, 4-5: thigh area, 5-6: knee and calf, 6-7: lower leg/ankle/foot).

What about outside of the world of art and fashion?

Lollipops/Busty Bananas?

In general, the human eye takes pleasure in symmetry and balance (regardless of your body shape, you can use the Artistry & Strategy Body Shape Fashion Tips to present a symmetrical and balanced looking body).

If you look at popular celebrity figures these days like Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson or Jennifer Love Hewitt, you might think that Trinny & Susannah's lollipop body type defines the ideal body shape for today, even though it isn't exactly balanced...some movie producers seem to think it represents "the perfect body".


However, if you consider 1920 fashion trends or the ectomorph body types of top models from Twiggy to Doutzen Kroes, Gisele Bundchen, Penelop Cruz or Kate Moss it appears that some folks would vote for the ectomorph body type on one end of the spectrum.


Yet, on the other end of it, the award for the ideal woman figure might go to the full-figured, well-known Rubenesque ladies with body shapes like Jennifer Hudson (before), Sara Ramirez, Kate Dillon or Kirstie Alley.


We also can't discuss ideal body shapes without mentioning the Halle Berry, Selma Hayek or Raquel Welch hour glass figure and its is both balanced and well-proportioned and is perhaps the most universally accepted description of the "perfect body".

Really...What is Ideal, or Perfect for that Matter?

Bottom-line, beauty is in the eye of the beholder AND the possessor and what is ideal in one situation or era, may not be so perfect in another era or situation. So, what's a woman to do?

What we do know is that what is ideal always, is a healthy body and embracing your body, regardless of your body shape and learning how to present it in a flattering light...besides, poorly dressed, no body looks its best.

Who's The Judge?

It appears to be a done deal, we are often judged on our physical appearance...from our weight, height, how we dress, wear our hair, make-up and even to how we hold our bodies (posture).

In business and every other walk of life, it's also clearly communicated when you're not genuinely confident about who you are, how you look or simply who you believe yourself to be. That's why is here, to help you look your best without breaking the bank.

Your Ideal Body Shape

Our advice for presenting the ideal woman body type is to artistically and strategically dress your body to balance it, minimize your not so favorite body quirks and to maximize your assets all while smiling and loving, that's the stuff promotions and new deals are made of when they're at the surface of genuine substance.

Note: If your waist circumference exceeds your hip measurements, we encourage you to employ strategies to get your waist-to-hip ratio within a healthier range.

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