The Hour Glass Figure

8% of Women are Said to Have It,
Here's how to Tell if You Have an Hourglass Figure Too

An hour glass figure is easy to identify. If you can answer 'yes' to the following three questions, you're probably a woman with an hourglass figure, or as we sometimes refer to it, lime leaf body (from the kaffir lime). Of all the different women's body types, only about 8% possess a traditional hourglass body. Owner's of this body shape may also be mesomorphs.

Okay, so what? Here's the deal, if you know your body shape it gives insight into dressing your body shape fabulously and maximizing your fashion style...truth be told, "get" the three True Style Body Shape Fashion Tips and you will have a versatile recipe for dressing figures of all shapes and sizes...sometimes being a know-it-all has it perks, be prepared to be the fashion go-to-girl :).

Hour Glass Figure - Raquel Welch (Copyright:, #5245685)

The Hour Glass Figure ID Questions

Question 1:

Do you have a shapely shoulders and hips, that appear to be about the same width as each other?

Women with an hour glass figure tend to have gently strong shoulders and hips of an equal curvaceous presence, as opposed to ladies with pear shaped figures, whose curves are the most prevalent in their lower half.

Women with hourglass figures have shapely, full shoulders and hips.

Their waist is an all together different matter.

Question 2

Do you have a narrow, well-defined waist compared to your shoulders and hips?

A woman who has an hour glass figure has a waist measurement that is small in comparison to her shoulders and hips. Her waist measurement is usually at least eight (according to some sources, 10) inches narrower than her hip measurement.

Ladies with hourglass body shapes showcase a small, well-defined waist in comparison to their shoulders and hips.

Strong shoulders, slim waist, curvaceous hips...but what about the bust.

Question 3

Are your cup size and bust measurement balanced?

The hour glass figure presents a full, but balanced bust-line. A woman with a traditional hourglass shape has a bust that is not too small or too large in comparison to the woman's overall silhouette.

For instance, the Raquel Welch measurements in the photo above were stated to be 37C/23/35. Her waist is 12 inches narrower than her hips. Her bust measurement is almost the same as her hip measurement. She is a C cup.

Different body type enthusiasts would consider her bust to be full enough; an A-Cup would be too little and a DDD-Cup too excessive to get the traditional hourglass designation.

The primary criteria for identifying an hourglass figure, are a relatively equal or balanced bust-line/shoulder and hip measurements and a small waist-line. A substantial and balanced cup size is secondary.

You may also be a mesomorph.

Meso What?

According to Sheldon body type classification (interestingly, it also included personality tendencies...he was a psychologist) defined three different body types: the mesomorph, ectomorph and endomorph. These body types, which, if you want to be technical, differ from body shapes, are largely determined based on body fat percentages and fat distribution.

Mesomorphs have a high ratio of muscle tissue and can achieve a well-defined, muscular appearance with little effort compared to an endomorph or ectomorph.

Female Mesomorph Body Type

Here's the similarity between an hourglass and mesomorph silhouette, they tend to be balanced (see the photo above), if the mesomorph woman takes testosterone boosting steroids, this may not apply.

Ectomorphs tend to have lower body mass indexes than endomorphs or mesomporphs. They are often quite slender and may have a Kate Moss-like appearance.

Endomorphs, have a high fat to lean tissue ratio, giving them a rounded, Rosanne Barr-like appearance.

The "Bombshell" Body Shape Verdict

If you answered yes to the three questions above, you are probably an hourglass shaped woman. However, female body types aren't just about hip, waist and shoulder measurements.

Different Body Type Variations

Even within the hourglass body shape family, different body variations exist, like height, dimension and horizontal proportion.

A woman can possess an hour glass shaped body even if she is tall, petite or of average height, or a junior, misses or a voluptuous plus size. If you have an hour glass body and want tips on dressing it, click here to see a fashion style that looks great on it.


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