Full Figure Clothing:
Where to Find It and
What To and Not To Wear

Full figure clothing for fabulous, voluptuous women should look as great as the women who wears it. Regardless of your budget or style, there are a number of places to “shop” to find just what you need for specific occasions.

Full Figure Clothing Work Clothes for Women

If you are in the market for “business attire for women”, you will find insight at our “Plus Size Suits” page and for information about dressing business casual, visit our “Plus Size Business Casual” page.

Remember, dress the best you possibly can for work and dress for the position you aspire to have, not necessarily the one you’re in right now. Also be aware of your industry and what is acceptable and what is not.

Here are a few pointers on dressing for professional success:

All Work and No Play, is No Way to Dress

Plus size clothing for women doesn’t have to be 'blah' and womens business clothing does not always suit the occasion, but knowing what to wear when can positively impact both your personal and professional life.

When you have special events or specific occasions (e.g., holiday parties, team building retreat, power dinners) coming up, find out where to get full figure clothing that looks great on you.

Naturally, you will also need some undergarments and outer wear...look out for these plus size resources coming soon.

Size Matters

Plus size women vary in height and proportion, just like every other woman does. So, be advised...find the proportions that work for you. Petite plus size women will benefit from finding women's clothing stores, like Ann Taylor Petite shop, that fit them well.

Plus size tall women also look their best in clothing that is scaled for longer arms and legs, but also for longer back lengths and waist lengths, wider shoulder widths, etc...and you can “find it” at shops like Long Elegant Legs.

Timeless Tips for Dressing Well

If you are a “petite”, “tall” or simply full figured woman, avoiding these fashion “Oh No’s” can have a major impact on your look:

Avoid wearing big, baggy, over-sized clothes...they are not usually flattering on any body

Avoid wearing way too tight, “revealing clothing” that is ill-fitted...its makes people look like they are terribly uncomfortable or worse, it looks like they’re wearing something that may have fit them ten years earlier but they refuse to let it go

Cheap and “shiny” are two terms that should never be used together to describe an article of clothing that you are wearing, unless it’s really inexpensive and shiny...because shiny cheap stuff looks...well, cheap...and can make you appear larger than you actually are

Master the art of monochromatic, multi-textured dressing...it can enhance the appearance of your fabulous full figure

Avoid dressing like a woman with a “banana body shape” if your body is shaped like an “hourglass”...knowing how to “dress your body type” like a professional stylist is key, you may be amazed by what a huge difference wearing a princess neckline as opposed to a jewel neckline can make if you have an ample bust

Avoid wearing full figure clothing that makes you feel plastic...granted sometimes it is appropriate to make a style transition (think...What Not To Wear, How Do I Look), however, you should still manage to maintain a sense of who you are even if you amp that look up from fashion disaster to fashion master.

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