Female Body Shape

Is Only One Element in the
Female Body Type Equation

Female body shape, overall, is one of three things that contributes to female body type, the other two include:

. dimension (height and weight) and

. body proportion.

The Five Classic Female Body Shapes

The five women's body shapes that you may be most familiar with include (click the links below to find out more about the body shape listed):

The Diamond (aka Circle)
The Rectangle
The Triangle
The Inverted Triangle
The Hourglass

Each one of these shapes is also known respectively as a fruit-inspired body shape.

Five Fruit-Inspired Body Shape Names

The five classic shapes, listed above, are also known respectively as the following fruit body shapes (click the links below to find out more about the body shape listed):

The Apple
The Banana
The Strawberry
The Pear
The Lime Leaf

The other elements the help to determine a woman's body shape are body dimension and body proportion.

Body Dimension

As previously mentioned, knowing your female body type, also requires knowing your body's dimension. Body height and width are the two elements of body dimension. Both body width and height can be divided into three different categories:


. Petite
. Average
. Tall


. Junior
. Misses
. Plus

Body Proportion

In addition to female body shape and dimension, in order to identify your woman body type, you also have to determine your body proportion which involves dividing your body into equal segments.

Where these equal measurements land on your body, helps to determine how your body proportions align with the proportions that designers have in mind when they construct clothing.

Knowing your body proportions also helps you to artistically and strategically create the most visually appealing female body shape that you can...as unfair as it sounds, the reality is, this is a strategy that can help you to earn top dollar.

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