Dress Body Type Fashion Tips

Dressing for Your Body Type Know-How

The Dress Body Type Fashion Tips by True Style Studio hinge on proportion and balance. Dressing different women's body types is part art and part science...it's about knowing woman body types ...dressing for your body type and presenting beautifully who you are and what you’re about…

in other words, it's knowing how to apply the women's fashion tips on clothes based on your perfect and unique female body shape.

If you've ever pondered any of the following questions,

What clothes fit my body type?

What clothes look best on my body type?

How can I dress right for my body type?

What clothes are right for my body type?

What styles fit my body type?

...if you keep reading, you should find the answer to your question...

"At any weight, you can dress well."
Stacy London,
TLC What Not To Wear & Love Lust or Run

General "Dressing My Body Type" Guidelines

Proportion and Balance

When it comes to casual and professional womens clothing, there are strategies that you can leverage to balance your woman body type.

Whether you want to maximize your hips and minimize your height or to minimize your hips and maximize your height…the strategy you use for dressing for your body type depends upon your perfect body, the one you're living in right at this moment, and which parts of it you want to emphasize or de-emphasize.

Emphasis & De-emphasis

Women do the same thing with makeup. Want to feature your eyes? Smokey eye makeup will do the trick, if your lip color is closer to neutral. Or, if you want to feature your mouth, a bold lip color will draw voyeurs’ eyes right to them, if your eye makeup is subtle.

It’s pretty straight-forward. Let’s talk about some techniques and strategies that can be used to visually enhance body proportion and balance to look your best in women's professional apparel.

True Style Studio's Dress Body Shape Fashion Tips follow:

Dress Body Type Fashion Advice Tip #1

Create illusions with lines while dressing for your body type

Learn how to dress and create illusions by using the lines of women's clothing with Tip #1...want to appear taller? slimmer? curvier? more narrow? wider? bigger? or smaller? Here's how...

Dress My Body Type Fashion Advice Tip #2

Create illusions with color and patterns

From color coordinating clothes to color placement, learn how strategically dressing for your body type can enhance your professional image.

Dress My Body Type Fashion Advice Tip #3

Learn to create illusions with texture and details to showcase the areas of your body that you want to or not...

After you've learned to dress body types, you'll know what happens when one woman wears a shiny fabric in contrast to fabric with a matte finish or if she wears slacks with pockets on the hips versus the back of her pants? It's all here.

Dressing for Body Type Fashion Advice Matrix

Dressing for your body type can be simplified after you've reviewed the tips on the women's business clothes for your body shape and this matrix/chart is a quick reference tool.

What to Wear for Your Body Shape…Spelled Out by Body Part

Knowing what to wear for every part and segment of your body shape can be the difference between presenting the image that you purposely choose to or not. These detailed female career wear body type fashion tips help your body look its best...body part by beautiful body part.

Dress an Apple Body Shape Well in Business Attire for Women

Knowing how to dress an apple body shape is about balance & symmetry. If you have a circle body shape, these four strategies will help minimize your middle and highlight your favorite features.

Dress a Banana Body Shape Stylishly in Womens Business Attire

Dressing a banana body shape well is all about balance and symmetry. These four tips will help minimize the appearance of your banana shaped body 's mid-section and showcase your balanced shoulders and hips.

Wardrobe 911: Your Complimentary Women's Clothes Consultation

Custom-tailored body shape fashion advice just for you to leverage specific dress body type tips. Receive a complimentary My Body Shape Clothes Consultation (a $99 value) in exchange for sharing your photos and experiences on our website.

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