How to Dress an Apple Body Shape Fiercely 

 in Four Simple Steps

Want to dress an apple body shape well? If you leverage the following four straight-forward dress-my-body strategies, dressing your apple body type to look its visual, balanced, symmetrical best in business attire for women and everything else will be easier than ever.

Strategy One: Visually lengthen the line of body,
to dress an apple body shape

Causing the eyes to move up and down the body without interruption versus around the body, helps to lengthen the line of the body and minimize it's girth, especially around the mid-section where a woman with an apple type might want to minimize the most.

There are four basic ways lengthen the body line as you dress an apple body shape.

Dressing in a monochromatic color scheme...

can help anyone look taller and slimmer than they actually are…but monochromatic dressing doesn't have to be boring, it also doesn't mean one color that's exactly the same…use textures and details add visual interest to monochromatic clothing schemes…even include various hues and intensities of the same color.

Being color smart is another way to look taller and slimmer... 

when you dress an apple body shape…light colors make an object appear larger…darker colors make an object look smaller (so do matte fabrics compared to shiny ones)…which is why you probably wouldn't ever catch me in a sparkly, white bandeau top..but I might opt for a black shiny tank top.

Since I have a ruler body shape and want to minimize the appearance of my mid-section, like most women with apple shaped bodies...I often wear darker colored blouses, slacks and dresses, but may opt for somewhat lighter color jackets and cardigans…even if the colors are just shades apart.

Wearing women's clothes with vertical lines...

on them can slenderize and stretch out the body's appearance…not necessarily literal vertical stripes, other than pin stripes, but also vertical darts, seams, etc…even horizontal lines placed close together will carry the eyes up and down the body seamlessly and make it appear taller and leaner…

Elongating horizontal stripes placed close together

but unless you want an area of your body to appear wider, beware of wearing horizontal stripes that are placed further apart…since they carry the eyes around the body instead of up and down it…and can make that area of the body appear broader than it really is…which may not be the look you're going for when you dress an apple body shape.

What Not to Wear Disclaimer: If you're petite or have short legs in comparison to the rest of your body, wearing a longer hemline can make your legs appear shorter than they already are which may throw off your vertical balance while you're trying to achieve horizontal balance..that's problematic because the object is to achieve both vertical and horizontal balance…so, you may want to try leveraging some of the other strategies to appear longer and slimmer.

What not to wear…avoid wearing horizontal lines at the widest part of your body. As just mentioned, wearing horizontal lines can make a body part appear to be wider, which is why I like the bottom of my jacket and my tops to end at the widest part of my hips or close to the high hip area…to make my hips appear wider…something that most women with banana and apple body shapes opt for when they're dressing body types specifically, so that the waist might appear narrower.

So the opposite of that is…if one doesn't want the waist to appear wider, avoid bolero jackets, and other jackets or sweaters where the bottom hem stops at the waist, if you want to minimize the appearance of the waist.

Wearing high heeled shoes with a low vamp...

as opposed to high heels with an ankle strap may also serve to extend the appearance of your height, just as a pair of pants whose hem nearly touches the ground, especially if the high heeled shoes are a color that matches your pants. 

If you're wearing a skirt, matching your shoes  to your complexion can also make you look taller.

Strategy Two: Visually balance body proportions,
to dress an apple body shape

Fortunately, women with apple body shapes tend to have fairly well balanced body shapes…there just tends to be a little extra to love in the middle. If you choose to focus the eye's of an on-looker away from that extra…there are a few ways to make that happen.

Okay, so perhaps this is the most obvious thing, but because it's a quick and easy, though not always the most comfortable solution…I'll mention it first…you can work a body shaper to mold your body in a manner that produces the look you want or that improves the fit of your clothing. 

Undergarments are one of my favorite ways to make my clothes fit better, especially on clothes that I don't want to invest the funds into having altered…from breast-enhancing bras to waist cinchers…they all can come in handy.

When you dress an apple body shape, another way to make the waistline appear smaller is by wearing an open jacket or sweater that create the illusion of a narrower waist line, simply by covering up part of the waist…this is one of my all-time favorite solutions for minimizing the appearance of my waistline.

Or you may opt for the old color block trick…remember how we mentioned that darker colors recede and lighter colors stand-out…try finding a dress with side panels that are a darker color with a center panel that's a lighter color.

Strategic fabric draping can also help minimize the appearance of the mid-section.

Blouses and dresses with an empire waist show off the narrowest part of your waist while camouflaging the widest part of your waist. 

If you have a shorter torso and most of your height is in your legs…look in a full length mirror to make sure that by trying to achieve horizontal balance you're not throwing off your vertical balance…making your body look like the lower part of it is 3/4 of your height versus about half of it…unless you prefer looking like my childhood buddy named Leggy…she had a little short body and her legs were extra long!

Strategy Three: Highlight your favorite features

The envy of most women with apple body types is their fabulously toned and shapely legs, if you're in that club--consider giving skirts, dresses and shorts a central place in your wardrobe.

These lower body garments can even include some fabrics in bold colors and prints (but first decide if causes the line of the body to be broken and whether or not it's worth it)…since it will help to add volume to the lower half, if that's what you're going for, while also helping to draw attention to your fantastic legs.

Have a beautiful face or lovely neck? Wear garments with necklines that draw attention to your face and/or neck…a black blouse with a white or light colored collar that compliments your complexion will do the trick…so will eye-catching details or jewelry placed near your neckline.

Strategy Four: Minimize your least favorite features

We've already mentioned how to minimize your mid-section. If you have other features that you don't want to highlight, wearing darker colors on those body parts or simply covering them may do the trick…

For instance, if you're not a fan of your arms, instead of wearing cap sleeves, consider trying tops that have kimono-like sleeves or three-quarter length sleeves…or if the body of your jacket is black, you might not want to go for a color-blocked jacket that features white sleeves…since lighter colors can make things look larger and they tend to draw attention to that part of the body.

Dressing fashionably at any size is part artistry and part strategy…hope these tips will help you look your professional and fashionable style best.

Have some great pics of you in what works for you and your body type that you'd like to share with everyone? Then you're welcome to share your photos and words of advice with True Style Studio readers.

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