Cheap Name Brand Clothes:
High Quality, Lower Prices

If you're looking for cheap name brand clothes or really cheap designer clothes, there are a variety of options for finding them at a price you can afford. Inexpensive designer business attire for women does not have to be cheaply made (poorly cut, sadly sewn, low-quality materials, etc.)…look for good-quality womens suits and cheap clothes online or in the store at bargain prices.

When it comes to designer clothing, it's a good idea to remember what, Constance C.R. White, fashion writer, says, "Sometimes the cost is all in the label. Not everything inexpensive is junk, and not everything pricey is built to last. Shop wisely.” With that…here are some options for tracking down inexpensively priced or cheap name brand clothes:

Shop Off-Season

If you shop in the off-season (e.g., August and September are a great time to pick-up cheap name brand clothes, when stores are preparing for their new Fall arrivals and marking down their remaining summer attire). You'll tend to find really cheap designer clothes at most department stores when a season is coming to its close.

Macy s Department Store originally had this red isabel & nina ladies suit priced at over $250. However, I bought it at Macy s in the off-season for less than $100 (pretty inexpensive), including taxes. Too bad I didn't have a Macy s Department Store coupon, I could have saved even more on designer clothing.

Shop Outlets

I purchased a grey Tahari dress suit at Saks Off Fifth Avenue (the outlet store for Saks Fifth Avenue) outside of Atlanta at a savings of about 75% off the original price. Shopping at upper scale department store outlets (e.g., Neiman Marcus Outlet, Saks Outlet) is another great way to save.

Outlets aren't just for cheap name brand clothes and designer clothing either, if you're looking for designer accessories like discounted Coach handbags, stop by a Coach outlet.

Shop Discounters

If you're trying to spend even less than you might at an outlet store, you can often find cheap name brand clothes and designer clothes at discounters like Marshalls Department Store, TJ Maxx, Value City Department Store, AJ Wright Clothing Store, Filenes Basement, Loehmans or Syms.

If you don't choose to or can't afford to pay deeply discounted or really cheap designer clothes prices that discounters offer in their traditional retail storefronts, then, Dress for Success or one of the next strategies could be your answer.

Shop Online

Shopping online can save time and money when you're searching for cheap name brand clothes. If you really want to save money, then see what you can find at auction and person-to-person online shopping sources like eBay or Amazon…also, check the clearance section of department store websites.

Another good place to find cheap clothes online is at digital discounters like Zappos (yep, they sale more than shoes these days) and Overstock.

If you're shopping online, make sure you know your measurements. It's also useful if the websites list the measurements for the garments they're selling…be sure to check these out to increase your chances for an accurate fit. In case the measurements are off or the garments don't meet your expectations…its also useful to make sure the e-tailer has a generous return policy…otherwise, what you thought were really cheap designer clothes…not so much. (Click here for more good reasons to shop online.)

Shop Flash Sale & Member Sale Sites

You can also save money on designer clothing, 50-85% off, by shopping on-line at one of the latest flash sale or membership sale sites like myhabit, editorscloset, hautelook, giltgroupe, ideeli, or ruelala.

If you sign-up to become a member (it's free), you'll receive email notices for upcoming sales, you can also log-in at the sale site to see what's available from current or past sales, if there is any carry over…some flash sales are short-run-get-it-while-you-can and when time is up, time is up (which explains a little about the sale's name)…be advised, the quantity and sizes of merchandise offered at sales is usually limited…so, if you see something that you like at the right price, right size, etc…go for it, before it's gone. It's good to shop from your shopping list, to avoid buying items you may not use or that aren't included in your wardrobe budget.

Word to the wise…some flash sale sites offer financial incentives for referring your friends who are looking for cheap clothes online to their site. However, before you invest your time preparing leads, you might want to do a little homework because apparently not all of them pay up.

Get Thrifty

If you go to thrift stores as close to exclusive neighborhoods as possible, thrift stores can be a surprising place to find really cheap designer clothes…some of the brand name clothes may even still have the label on them. So even if you're not up for buying previously-worn clothes, thrift stores might be your answer to where to find affordable designer clothing. If you're not opposed to buying gently-used items, your options for purchasing deeply discounted designer business attire for women increase if you shop at thrift stores.

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