Cheap Ladies Suits:
Inexpensive Women's Business Suits to Boost your Career without Breaking the Bank

Cheap ladies suits, cheap brand name clothes or discounted designer clothes, can save your wardrobe budget. But, if you're looking for affordable womens business attire, don't sacrifice quality unless you can afford to do so to sport a potentially short-lived trend.

Remember, inexpensive business suits for women do not have to be cheap (poorly cut, sadly sewn, low-quality materials, etc.) and good-quality women's suits don't have to cost a fortune.

Cheap Ladies Suits Or Over-Priced Suits?

Conversely, it's not wise to assume that just because an item of clothing is expensive, it's great quality. Amy Bell wrote an article for Investopedia that provides additional details on this popular misnomer. It was titled, "Six Outrageously Overpriced Products." 

Following is what Amy had to say about item #6: Brand Name and Designer Clothing...

Brand-Name & Designer Fashions

"How much did you pay for those True Religion jeans, that Burberry scarf and those towering Louboutin stilettos? Probably a small fortune. But it was worth every penny, right? Not so much. When it comes to designer clothes, it's pretty obvious that you are paying for the label."

"As a matter of fact, brand-name clothes are often marked up by 500 to 1000%. Yet, fashion-conscious consumers continue to drain their bank accounts and pile up massive amounts of debt to stay on the cutting edge of couture."

Well, if you're visiting this page about inexpensive business suits for women, sounds like you aren't in that number and you can leverage the following strategies to find the real deals on inexpensive womens' suits.

Shop Off-Season

If you want to save money on women's business suits, one of the best times to shop is in the off-season (e.g., the end of a season/beginning of the next season...August and September are a great time to pick-up Summer suits at bargain prices, when stores are making space for their new Fall arrivals).

Red Isabel and Nina Skirt Suit

This cheap ladies suit was originally priced over $250, not super cheap, at Macy's Department Store, it was purchased at Macy's in the off-season for less than $100 (pretty inexpensive), including was the suit featured in our video Basic Wardrobe Planning for Ladies Who Mean Business.

Shop Outlets & Flash Sales

Grey Three-Piece Tahari Suit

This Tahari suit was purchased at the Saks Off Fifth Avenue (the outlet store for Saks Fifth Avenue) outside of Atlanta several years ago at a savings of about 75% off the original price. Shopping at outlets for designers and major department stores (e.g., Neiman Marcus Outlet) can help you keep some cash in your purse and out of cash registers of major retailers.

Shop Discounters

If $100 isn't inexpensive enough, for cheap ladies suits, try shopping for women suits at discounters like Marshalls Department Store, AJ Wright Clothing Store, TJ Maxx, Value City Department Store, Filene's Basement, or Syms.

[gray suit with trumpet skirt]

Don't want to or can't afford to pay $29 for a suit like this one found at AJ Wright or having a tough time finding one in a traditional retail storefront? Then, Dress for Success or one of the next strategies could be your answer.

Shop Online

Shopping at online retailers can be a time-saving, budget-friendly way to purchase women's business attire from the comfort of your own home. If you really want to save money, then see what you can find at auction and person-to-person shopping sources like eBay or Amazon.

Metrostyle is also a great place to find cheap ladies suits online, from petites to talls and plus sizes. Another place to shop online for inexpensive women's suits, believe it or not, is Zappos (nope, they don't just sale shoes these days) and Overstock (they sale more than digital goodies).

When you shop online it's really important to know your measurements, as well as those of the pieces you may want to buy online...otherwise, be prepared for potentially avoidable alterations and returns.

P.S. Be sure to look for generous return policies (if you've seen Zappos' get the idea).

Get Thrifty

Even if you're not open to purchasing previously-worn clothes, thrift stores can be a viable place to find inexpensive women's suits that have never been worn. If you're not opposed to buying gently-used items, your options for good business clothes buys increases all the more when you shop at thrift stores.

Shop Swaps

Everyone tends to have at least a few things in their closet that they never wear, but for some reason they have a difficult time parting with them. Hosting a clothing swap with a group of friends, might be a great way for all of you to get rid of some unwanted clothing and accessories. At the same time, you might also pick up some great pieces on the cheap, or for free!

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