Business Casual Dress: How to Look Smart, Stylish and Professionally Casual

Business casual dress has been firmly established as a part of numerous U.S.-based businesses, whether it’s a Casual Friday or the dress code for the company. Savvy women in business, will gain a clear understanding of exactly what business casual is and what it is not. They will also become adept at creating business casual looks that, while considered casual, do not serve as power-drains.

Regardless of whether a woman is an executive within a company, a secretary, or CEO of her own firm, every women will probably find themselves in a situation that requires dressing business casual at some point.

This section of Artistry & Strategy is all about womens business casual dress. Here’s what you will find: 

Exactly What is Business Casual Anyway?

What is business casual? It is defined three ways: classic, relaxed and creative.

Can the Women’s Business Casual Code be Cracked?

Learn how to crack the code in seven strategic steps using business casual guidelines.

Business Casual Clothing Options: From Business Casual Dresses to Jewelry, What are the Power Plays?

The right color clothing and expensive looking accessories, can help command authority, even when you are dressed in professional casual attire.

How Can I Best Dress My Body in Business Casual Wear for Women?

Dressing business casual well can add to women’s paychecks and help advance their careers...not knowing how to can negatively effect both.

Plus Size Business Casual: Do Voluptuous Women Have Attractive Business Casual Dress Attire Options?

Womens large size clothing e-directory...where to find plus size woman's clothing that works for your body, budget and career from plus size pant suits to plus size tall clothing.

Business Casual Pictures & Videos: I’m Visual, How Can I Get a Better Handle on How to Dress Business Casual?

Feel free to visit any of the business casual pages to find videos and business casual pictures.

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