The Apple Body Shape
(aka: Apple Shaped Body or
The Diamond Body Shape)
And How to Identify It

An apple body shape is easy to scope out, even among all of the different body types...and knowing it and how to dress it well, will help you look your best in womens business clothing.

If you can answer 'yes' to the following question, chances are, you have an apple shaped body, circle, oval or diamond body shape. You may also find that you are an endomorph.

Why bother?

Identifying your body type gives you part of the know-how you'll need to dress your body shape strategically in womens clothing...

actually, learn the three General Artistry & Strategy Body Shape Fashion Tips and you will have the code to dress a variety of different body types better...and you thought you were popular before :). Or go directly to thebody shape fashion advice just for women with an apple shaped body.

The Question

Are you thicker in your mid-section than you are in your shoulders and hips?

Women who have an diamond body shape tend to have waist measurements that exceed their shoulder or hip measurements. They do not necessarily have narrow or sloping shoulders like the pear shaped woman, nor do they have particularly narrow hips like some columnar women do. However, due to an apple body shaped woman's waist-to-hip ratios, her mid-section may cause her hips and shoulders to appear narrower than they actually are.

Women with an apple shaped body, circle, oval or diamond shaped body are fuller in their waists than they are in their hips and shoulders. They also tend to have great looking legs, like Queen Latifah and Brooke Elliott.

Some women with an apple shaped body may also be endomorphs.

Endo What?

Sheldon defined three distinct body types: the endomorph, ectomorph and the mesomorph. These body types, which technically differ from body shapes, are largely determined based upon body composition.

The body type, endomorphs, have a high fat to lean tissue ratio, giving them a rounded appearance.

Mesomorphs have a high ratio of muscle tissue and can achieve a well-defined, muscular appearance with little effort compared to an endomorph or ectomorph.

Ectomorphs tend to have lower body mass indexes than endomorphs or mesomporphs. They are often quite slender and may have a Kate Moss-like appearance.

The Verdict

If you answered 'yes' to the question above, you probably have an apple body shape. However, female body types aren't just about hip, waist and shoulder measurements.

There are different body types within the category of the apple shaped body types. Some women with a circle shaped figure have large breasts, other ladies have small to medium size breasts. The same goes for the behinds, etc. They may also be petite, tall or plus sized and vary in their body proportions.

Comprehensive Body Shape Questionnaire

For a more sophisticated woman body type classification system, visit theArtistry & Strategy Body Shape Fashion System page. You'll find out how your vertical and horizontal proportions can vary, even within the same woman body type, and how knowing what your body shape is can help you select women's business attire that will help you look your best in the world of business or the world at-large.

How to Dress an Apple Body Shape Well in Business Attire for Women

Knowing how to dress an apple body shape is about balance & symmetry. If you have a circle body shape, click here to get four strategies that help minimize your middle and highlight your favorite features.

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