Seven Advantages of Online Shopping that can
Boost Her Career Development

The advantages of online shopping are numerous. You may have also heard about it’s disadvantages...but if you use some wisdom and make sure you’re in agreement with e-store policies (e.g., generous return policies, free or inexpensive shipping)...the advantages may outweigh the dis- advantages of online shopping. 

Here's how "Not in Words" sums up shopping on-line :)...following the video we share Artistry & Strategy's seven good reasons to shop online. 

Advantage #1: Variety

They say variety is the spice of life and if variety is what you’re looking for in women’s business can’t find more of it anywhere else than online. One of the biggest possible advantages of online shopping is the wide variety of business attire for women that’s available, from vintage pieces to designer clothes, tailored to trendy, women’s, plus sizes, petites, tall’s, you name’s easier and quicker to find online.

Not only does shopping online offer you a smorgasbord of shopping options, but you can access it practically any time that it’s convenient for you.

Advantage #2: Access

Imagine that you see an overcoat on a model that is exactly what you’ve been looking for for over six months. You look in the magazine’s shopping guide and find out that the coat came from know...the famous, enormous department store in London that the movie The Parent Trap re-make helped to make even more famous here in the states and sells everything from gourmet foods to designer undies.

Well, you’re not planning a trip to London any time soon, but since one of the advantages of online shopping is access, you can still get the coat...all you have to do is go to Harrods website and make your purchase.

Harrods is only one of a kazillion different shopping options that the Internet affords regional, national, or global shoppers.

That’s convenient...there are also some other advantages of online shopping, including shopping out of home shopping catalogs digitally.

Speaking of convenience and women's clothing...that's the third advantage.

Advantage #3: Convenience

If you remember in the middle of the night that you need a new dress for the office party that’s coming up in two days and know that you won’t have a chance to get out and shop during the hours when brick and mortar stores are open, shopping online could be the solution for your shopping dilemma.

Even if it’s 2 a.m. when you wake up, you can shop online and get the dress while the doors of other stores are closed. You might even be able to save some money while you’re at it.

Advantage #4: Savings

Another advantage of shopping on-line is the ability to compare garments, etc. and prices at practically the click of a button. After you identify the item that you want to purchase, you can go online to compare sites and find out which one has the garment for the best price.

Additional savings may also be had using coupons or rebates you find online, discount promotional codes in home shopping catalogs, or you can save up to 85% on designer clothes by shopping flash sales, clearance sales or online auctions. 

Not having to drive from one location to the next one, leads us to our next advantage of shopping online.

Advantage #5: Petro

Shopping online means never having to drive from one store to the next store with the same name trying to find the dress you want in your size or driving to compare the price of one Tahari ladies suit to the price of the same Tahari suit at a totally different store 15 miles away from where you were...

which means you can use less of the expensive fuel most of us use to transport ourselves from one storefront to another...petroleum gas.  

You might even be doing a good thing for the environment and you may also be able to get some useful shopping assistance while you’re at it.

Advantage #6: Assistance

When you’re shopping online, virtual assistance can come in a variety of different forms. I especially like the helpful little, “you might also be interested in...” or “other shoppers who bought this item also bought...” that pops up and shows you all sorts of coordinating shopping options you may not have considered yet...a suit skirt that looks great with the jacket that interests you...or a fantastic looking pair of wedge heels that would work well with the slacks you were about to put in your shopping cart. 

Another one of my favorites is the Look Book that some sites feature...for example, Macy’s "one suit five different ways" demo is a great idea-generator. Some sites even have virtual dressing rooms which can be useful and even have interactive styling tools (have you participated in any social shopping yet...getting folks feedback on a potential women's clothing purchase...interesting concept). 

Speaking of interesting...we’ve saved perhaps the most interesting advantage for online shopping for last.

Advantage #7: Valentino

Valentino may have said it best... “I always suggest when a woman is trying clothes on, if possible, she should do it at home, walking around her room looking at herself in the mirrors, with a drink in her hand and music playing.” 

Now...not that you can’t go shopping and bring your items back and try them on at home versus using the shops dressing room...but, doesn’t being able to click and point, wait a day or three for your order and set aside some time to leisurely try on your items in some good lighting sound like a great option, especially when you need to shop but you also need to slow down? It can also make social shopping more convenient.

Here’s another tidbit from the infamous designer...

Valentino’s Three Rules for Looking Glamorous

1. Always be yourself (no insecurity permitted).

2. A simple black dress goes a long way--or a red Valentino gown!

3. Some color on the lips, always.

I hope this list of seven advantages of online shopping was helpful...

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