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Weight Gain Charts & Fitness Trackers

Printable weight loss charts of all sorts can be found on-line. Since being in good shape can help you love the way you live, look and feel, we have created two weight loss charts (or weight gain/fitness chart or tracker) that you can use to not only track your weight, but to also help you meet your fitness goals...

you're encouraged to keep reading this'll find some useful weight-altering tips that I share from my "former life" as an NATA certified athletic trainer turned personal trainer :)...or if you're ready, simply scroll down, find the image of chart and click on it to open the free printable weight loss charts of your choice. 

Weight Loss Chart & Fitness Tracker:
Video Explanation

On the homepage of, we mentioned the concept of embracing your perfect body…which is the one you’re living in right now. That's something to live by, however... 

Embracing And Non-complacency
Can Co-exist

Although you’ve embraced your body, it doesn’t mean that you are complacent when it comes to your health. In order to be your personal and professional best and to look your best in women's helps to feel your physical best. 

The Weight Loss/Fitness Tracking Why

Your reasons for using weight loss charts, weight gain charts or simple fitness trackers may vary.

However, one thing is certain…whatever your reason, if it’s not one you’re passionate about, that you don’t keep top-of-mind, or you fail to

create and implement an action plan to address these reasons, the reasons why you’re looking for printable weight loss charts or fitness trackers may soon fade from your mind, just as the results you desired may be released from reality back into dream world.

What Get's Measured, Get's Done

The interesting thing about weight loss, weight gain and fitness goals, or most other ones, is the fact that tracking the final desired effect can be constructive.

However, if you also use a printable chart to measure the behavior required to reach the result, your efforts may be turbo-boosted... measuring consistency and performance of action are critical to expeditious and certain goal attainment.

Things to Consider before Completing Printable Weight Loss Charts,
Weight Gain Charts or Fitness Trackers

For example, if you wanted to lose 100 pounds in one year, here are some things you might consider:

WHO are you?

Visualize yourself performing the action you’ll have to take to transform your body...

SEE in your mind’s eye what your new body looks like, imagine your new energy level, what shopping will be like, how you’ll look in your professional attire selected just for your specific woman body type...

see yourself getting the promotion or new job or whatever else you’re going for...make the details vivid and multi-sensory, as realistic as possible.

WHAT will it take, day in and day out,
to achieve the goal?

What changes will you make regarding your:

eating habits (e.g., stop eating by sun-set),

exercise plan (e.g., start out walking every day for 10-30 minutes),

behavior modification (e.g., slow down, savor and enjoy your food, chew it to a pulp while sitting at the table without a television in sight),

self-talk (e.g., release negative self talk, replace it with bold, encouraging speech)?

WHEN will you be prepared to implement
your plan?

Are you in a position to commit to doing what it takes to activate your plan?

Will you take the time today to get copies of printable weight and fitness trackers that meet your needs?

Have you thought of some responses to any negative self-talk that might attempt to defeat your efforts?

Have you planned healthy meals for the next several days?

Do you have the ingredients for these meals?

Have you found a fitness and wellness coach?

Do you have exercise gear?

Do you know your current weight? Measurements? Body fat percentage? Waist-to-Hip Ratio?

Have you identified the 3-12 things that you will have to DO daily, weekly, monthly...WITHOUT COMPROMISE, to reach your goal?

WHY do you want this?

Remember, this has to be REALLY good…

something that you’re passionate about…

something you can commit to for the long-term…

maybe your doctor told you that if you don’t lose the 100 pounds your only hope for survival will be to eat brussel sprouts every day, three times a day, for the rest of your life.

Okay, that wasn't nice…these baby cabbage look-a-likes are good for you and some folks actually like them…so fill in the blank with any extremely unpleasant experience :).

HOW will you re-structure your life to accommodate your new behaviors, etc.?

For example, will you have to get up earlier in order to exercise, eat a light breakfast and prepare your lunch before you go to work?

Will you take time to perform the action outlined in your fitness program?

Will you take the time to fill-in your printable weight loss chart/weight gain/fitness/goal tracker chart EACH AND EVERY DAY even if you’re too sleepy to hold a pen or turn on your computer (Hint: don’t wait until then to do it : )?

KEY: Focus on what YOU CAN CONTROL, YOUR ACTION/behavior compliance percentages and know that as long as your plan is a solid one, EXPECT TO REACH YOUR GOAL.

Are You Ready?

If you’re ready, really ready, go ahead, scroll down and you'll see some printable weight loss charts or fitness trackers...just click the image of your choice and the link will take you to a full size version of the printable weight loss charts/weight gain charts/fitness/goal trackers of your choice.

A Win-Win

Can't find the printable weight loss charts you had in mind? If not, contact us and perhaps we'll be able to incorporate your ideas in an upcoming chart that we add to this page...

we may be able to modify the chart in a manner that meets your needs and make it available to our readers…

it’s a win-win…you get what you want and it helps us create better printable weight loss charts, which is for now anyway, free.

We hope to hear for you soon!

If you haven't done it is as good of a time as any to start tracking your progress with our free, printable weight loss charts and fitness trackers...

If you'd like to check out one of our basic printable weight loss charts/weight gain charts/fitness trackers now...
simply click one of the images above.

Best wishes for achieving your goals...and to feeling and looking your best in women's clothes!

FYI: If you're asking things like: what does body composition mean? What are the five components of fitness? Etc. You'll find a link to the answers below:

Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

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