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That's me in the back row, second from the my college basketball days.

Body Type Fashion Advice should be given to every college and/or high school student who ever desires to work in an industry that doesn’t require an assigned uniform.

If students of any age can learn the importance of dressing well and how to artistically and strategically put together and manage a professional wardrobe by learning what the best clothing is for different body shapes, they are at an advantage over people who have not learned these body type fashion advice keys.

My story is coming get your own body type fashion advice, click this link.

My Story & The Body Type Fashion Advice I Gathered

I was 5’ 9’ in the ninth grade. My inseam was 34 inches and I wore a size 0 and some 1s. One of my brother’s comrades made the statement that somebody could palm my behind with one hand…which was none of his or anyone else’s concern any way.

As a matter of's a commercial from my favorite childhood doll...finally, a fashion doll to whom I could relate...even if her body build was just as impossible as Barbie'!

Body Type

I was what they called lanky, a string bean, bean pole…you get the idea...a svelte or banana body type.

Body type fashion advice, or any other fashion style advice for that matter, really wasn't forthcoming, so my primary clothing objective was finding pants that weren’t floods and that didn’t appear to have airbags in the often failed attempts motivated me to learn to sew.

Blouses and tops were less complicated…even if the sleeves looked like ¾ length sleeves, but really weren’t…I could always push them up.

But how many of you all know that what works when you’re a teenager may start to fail you when you hit 20, 30, 40 or 50-something?

Body Shape Fashion Tips for Tall Girls...
Who Become Tall Women

It was then, when those juvenile body shape fashion and tips started to fail me, that some body type fashion advice would have served me best. Here's what I learned body region by body region...more here...


How could I keep from making my legs look like they started at my neck? Now I know…low and mid-rise pants, waist-band-free skirts and slacks make a world of difference...


...keep my breasts from looking like pancakes without going under the knife or stuffing my bras? My plan now…details, details, details at the bust line…


...keep my torso from looking like it belonged to a woman who was 5 feet tall instead of 6 feet tall? Today's strategy...the same advice I use to keep my legs from looking like stilts...low to mid-rise, waistband-less slacks...oh yeah, and tops and blouses that end at my hips…


...add substance to my frame without looking like a line-backer? Now I know...bulky shoulder pads are not my friends...layering is usually a really good clothes must fit well, slender women who wear over-sized clothing may tend to look under-nourished…


...or add definition to my vaguely defined waistline? It's easy...empire waistlines aren’t only the friends of women who choose to de-emphasize their abdominal area, they work well for my banana body shape does wearing a jacket or sweater that's a different color than my blouse and pants or dress (see the difference below).

(FYI...the True Style Studio Body Type Shape Advice Fashion Matrix is a quick reference helps you identify the cuts and styles that de-emphasize or emphasize various areas of the female body.)

Good Body Type Fashion Advice Simplifies Things

It seems simple to me now, but that wasn’t always the case. Plus, THANK GOODNESS!!!, manufacturers started offering "ready-to-wear" tall clothing for women that started in sizes smaller than a 10.

I can hear some of you now…boo who hoo…for the tall slender chick (let the record show though...I am far from a size 1 these days!) and some of you may be thinking...ooh...go get some implants…

well, here’s something that amazes me…

Body Image Acceptance or Rejection?

I learned from my years as a personal trainer, wellness coach, lifestyle coach that no matter what a woman’s body looks like, she usually finds something to complain about in reference to it instead of embracing it, she oftentimes dis-likes it (when I heard Halle Berry share her concern about how she looked in the famous bikini scene in the 007 movie, I thought, you’ve GOT to be kidding me!).

It took me a while, but I must say, I’ve grown into my body, with all of it’s peculiarities, and wouldn’t switch it with anyone even if I could…besides, now that I have body shape fashion advice for myself, why start re-working this all over???

If you're looking for ideas about what to wear for your body here.

So…why this fashion style web site?

Two reasons…

Reason #1 for True Style Studio's Existence

First, as I’ve worked to learn the body type fashion style advice that works well for my woman body type, I’ve also picked up some tips and strategies that women can use to effectively select clothing for different body shapes. This web site was created to offer body type advice for women who are looking for it, especially related to succeeding in their businesses and careers.

Reason #2 for's Existence

Which brings us to the second reason for the creation of this site…I hope to help women advance personally and professionally. Besides temple stewardship, another area of passion for my life is business development and entrepreneurship. It’s a way that I can leverage my years of experience in management on my own terms.

Follow Your Heart

Helping women to get and give the best from their business and their lives is one of my life goals. I used to believe that because there are so many shallow people in the world, looking one's best was important because it helps one to “be heard” in business and in the workplace.

What is of greater importance to me now, is seeing how the entire disposition and attitude of a woman can change for the good when she knows that she looks her best...that’s huge when a woman learns and leverages body shape fashion tips and fashion style advice for a body shape that uniquely applies to her.

Plans for the Future

Right now there’s so much more that will be happening with this site…it’s being developed methodically using a process called CTPM (if you’re interested in building a website, really web business, that people can actually FIND and derive benefit from, then don't hesitate, contact me for the details.) or click this link.

This website is planned to be a cooperative effort that will get better with time. After there are at least 30 pages of content, expect to begin seeing photos on the site, if I can wait until then :) ( I couldn't wait...when I reached 20 pages I started adding them...still more to come). Pictures are adding a whole new dimension to the site (hope you agree...feel free to contact me to let me know what you think)!

I’m so excited about what’s coming and hope you’ll stop by again in the near future to get the latest fashion advice for body shape s and see how things are developing.

Thanks for dropping by True Style Studio (formerly &'re glad you found us.

Grace & peace,

P.S. Want to share your body type fashion advice, body shape fashion tips or story? If so, here's a good place to give or get some feedback.

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