Body Shape Fashion Tips on Clothes, Tip #3:

Create illusions with texture & detail
while dressing for your body type

This body shape fashion tip is all about using clothing elements like texture and detail to maximize or minimize the appearance of various parts of your body. So, since the eyes have it, let's learn to use body shape fashion tips on clothes to strategically create illusions with fabric and things like darts, pockets, ruffles, etc. 

The selection of texture and detail placement impact how the eye reacts to our casual, special occasion and professional clothing. Even though the smart use of it isn’t rocket-science, it can help launch your career or fashion style savvy to higher heights.

Fabric: Shiny, Highly Texturized, Matte or Smooth?

Quick notes on dressing for your body type regarding shininess and texture:

  • sheen can add to the appearance of volume, 
  • highly texturized fabrics (e.g., bulky sweater) add volume 
  • in general, matte and smooth finishes do not add visual volume.

However, you also have to balance these tips with what we’ve learned about linescolor, and patterns.

Applying the Body Shape Fashion Tip about Fabric Texture

Let’s say that one of your favorite tops was a bulky metallic, pearly white cashmere sweater. Can you guess what your objective might be for wearing this top?

Maximize the Appearance of a Smaller Bust or Balancing out Narrower Shoulders with Wider Hips

Exactly, adding volume in the upper body…the sheen and texture of the cashmere do double volumizing-duty. If you’re wearing a darker color on the bottom, the light color on the top, adds to the appearance of more volume.

Besides the fact that you really like your favorite a-line skirt made from a smooth light-weight charcoal gray wool, why else might you choose to wear it?

De-Emphasize Voluptuous Hips (Minimize the Appearance of the Hips)

Maybe when wearing it, you’d be trying to de-emphasize your hips…the dark color recedes, the smooth texture of the fabric and minimal detailing on the skirt add no volume in the hip area.

Or Emphasize Classic Style

On the other hand, you might simply be leveraging the tip on clothes about how people tend to hold more respect for business people who wear “traditional business” colors like navy blue, black and dark gray.

The Divine is in the Details

Quick notes on leveraging details for best dressing your body type:

  • details like pockets, pleats, ruffles and darts tend to add volume 
  • embellishments/details like buttons, rhinestones, etc. are eye-catching 
  • in general, the more detail, the more volumizing and/or attention-getting.

However, it is also advised that these tips are balanced with what we’ve learned about linescolor, and patterns.

Applying the Body Shape Fashion Tip about Details

Let’s say that one of your favorite blouses had a high neckline with ruffles cascading down the front of the blouse. What would this top help one achieve?

Maximize the Appearance of the Bust (De-Emphasize a Small Bust)

It's another strategy for adding volume in the bust area. When a woman with a larger bust wears a high neckline, it can give the appearance of one large uni-boob (see image at the top of page). A v-neck minimizes fabric bulk and can help to visually separate the bust avoiding the appearance of uni-boob.

How could a woman make her hips look more generous?

Wearing a garment with hip pockets would do it.

What if she wanted to elongate her body?

A long scarf running down the front of her body could help.

Want to draw attention to beautiful hands?

Wearing a long sleeved blouse with a beautiful french cuff or beaded detail at the wrist would almost be like an arrow pointing to your hands.

Women body types of all sorts and sizes can look their best simply by utilizing these body shape fashion tips on clothes. For quick tips related to your specific body shape, check out True Style Studio's: Woman Body Type Fashion Advice Women's Business Clothes Matrix

Applied Lessons in Texture and Detail

Let's revisit this dress and analyze the dresses texture and details:

Neckline - more suitable for woman with smaller breasts, this high neckline makes the model appear to have uni-boob

"Belted" waist - even though there is a little sheen on the "belt", the darker color causes it to recede and minimizes the appearance of the model's waist

Horizontal seaming in hip area - helps to balance the fullness of the bust with the appearance of the hips since horizontal lines tend to carry the eye around the body, making things appear wider...the appearance here is minimal though because the horizontal lines are not spaced too far apart

Basic Wardrobe Planning

Ready to learn how to build a wardrobe and put these tips to use? Let’s do it!

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