Body Shape Fashion Tips on Clothes,
Tip #2:

Dressing for your body type...
reate illusions with color & patterns

The eyes have it. So let's learn to use body shape fashion tips on clothes to create illusions with color and patterns. If dressing for your body type inspires a desire to visually widen and shorten an area, to visually lengthen and slenderize an area, or to emphasize or de-emphasize an area, we can learn something from the positioning and intensity of color and patterns.

No matter which woman body types we’re considering, each one can be artistically and strategically presented by the owner of the body, you.

The manner in which color and patterns are used impacts how the eye reacts to them, in graphic and interior design and even when it comes to womens professional clothing, regardless of woman body types.

The savvy use of color, patterns and wearing color coordinating clothes is doable.

What Colors Should I Wear?

If you’re asking yourself, “What colors should I wear?” the answer may seem trite, but it’s true. Choose the right color clothes by wearing the ones that look best on you, that you feel good in and that help you reach your objectives.

You don’t necessarily need to conduct a color analysis to find out what colors look good on you…

Do you ever wear some specific colors that usually evoke compliments from people at work, meetings, etc.? If so, that’s probably a good color for you.

Are there colors that you wear and when you look in the mirror, your eyes appear brighter, your complexion radiates, or your spirit is lifted…probably a good color for you.

Body shape fashion tips on clothes impress the importance of wearing the right colors, even for the occasion.

For example, if you want to avoid being seen as a self-centered smarty-pants :), wearing white to a co-worker or anyone else's wedding, unless the bride makes that request, will help you accomplish the task. Wearing pretty much any other color, besides black (unless it's requested by the bride) would be a better choice.

The Message Behind the Color

Not wearing white to a wedding helps to cut down on the confusion about who the bride is. Not wearing black is a clear sign that you're probably attending the wedding to celebrate a new union vs. celebrating someone's concluded, but, well-lived life, etc.

Color strategy is important.

Whether a color looks good on you or not can be irrelevant if the color communicates the wrong message. Did you know that based upon John T. Malloy's research results: 

. red really is a power color, but it has to be the correct shade of and deep vs orangish and shallow...even a simple red scarf can influence the degree to which your point of view is accepted or how credible someone thinks you are

 . people are more trusting of individuals wearing navy blue or black than they are of people of people dressed in brown

. people dressed in brown aren't taken as seriously as people wearing navy or black

. women who wear pastels in the workplace are considered weaker than their counterparts who dress in more traditional professional colors worn by men (yep, navy blue, black, charcoal gray, etc.), but who don't look overly masculine (e.g., black suit, in "reasonable" shoes, wearing shirt buttoned all the way up, with a stark pulled back hairdo without a hint of make-up)

. orange connotes silliness to many people

These are all things to keep in mind when deciding, "what colors should I wear" and leveraging body shape fashion tips on clothes.

Here are a few more things to consider...

Select Colors & Patterns Strategically

Dressing for your body type includes knowing which colors to wear and where to wear them.

Darker colors recede unlike lighter colors. Patterns on fabric, depending upon the size of the pattern, tend to draw the eye toward it, in contrast to solid colors. The larger the pattern, the greater it’s ability to draw attention to itself, whereas, smaller, tighter patterns can nearly go unnoticed from even a short distance.

So what? Well, if there are areas of your body that you want to give emphasis to or “add” volume to…use a pattern or lighter color in that area. Want less emphasis on an area? Then wear a garment made in a darker color fabric, solid print or a print with a small pattern.

For example, if you want to add volume to narrower hips, consider wearing a skirt made out of a fabric with a bold pattern on it or a lighter color than your blouse or jacket…put the pattern or lighter color on top and the darker color on bottom if you want to minimize your hips.

Wearing a classic, black tailored pantsuit and want to draw emphasis to your face? Try wearing a beautifully tailored and pressed, white collared shirt under your jacket.

Monochromatic Dosen't Mean Same Same

When it comes to color coordinating clothes, monochromatic dressing makes it simple. It’s also a great way to slenderize and lengthen your frame, if that’s an objective. David Bromstad, the original HGTV Design Star, and former host of Color Splash and HGTV Divine Design’s, Candice Olson, often remind their viewers that monochromatic doesn’t mean using the same exact color (shade, intensity, etc.).

A monochromatic interior design, as well as a monochromatic womens business clothes combination, can include various shades or intensities of a color. Think lighter to darker paint sample color swatches.

Visual interest may also be added by including various textures in the same color family. Let’s read Tips on Clothes #3 for additional details.

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Dressing for Body Type Fashion Advice Matrix

Dressing for your body type can be simplified after you've reviewed the tips on the women's business clothes for your body shape and this matrix/chart is a quick reference tool.

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