Body Shape Fashion Tips #1: 

Dressing for Your Body Type
Leverage Illusions with Lines

Let's learn to use body shape fashion tips #1. Who knew you could alter the appearance of your body, simply by manipulating lines on women's clothing?

If dressing for your body type inspires a desire to visually lengthen and slenderize an area or to visually widen and shorten an area or to emphasize or de-emphasize an area, we can learn something from the positioning and intensity of lines.

Regardless of woman body types, the way lines are positioned impacts how the eye responds to them, even when it comes to a womens professional clothing wardrobe.

Body Shape Fashion Tip on Clothes #1, Part A
How can I make my body appear taller and slimmer? Leverage Lines

Causing the eye to move up a woman’s body dressed in women's clothing, without interruption, accomplishes the task of making her look taller and slimmer.

When lines on women's business attire are positioned in a manner similar to the diagrams below, whether they are part of the fabric’s pattern or part of the garment’s construction details (e.g., seams, darts, pleats), a longer and slimmer look is achieved.

Single vertical lines or vertical lines placed relatively close together carry the eye up a woman’s body, elongating and slenderizing the figure...think of long scarf flowing down the front of the body.

Although, it may come as a surprise, if dressing for your body type consists of wanting a longer, slimmer appearance, even horizontal lines spaced close together will help you achieve that end.

Body Shape Fashion Tips on Clothes # 1, Part B
How Can I Minimize Length Here? Make it Appear Fuller There? Leverage Lines

When the upward or downward movement of the eye is interrupted or directed around an object via line placement on women's clothing, that area of the body appears to be shorter and more voluminous or wider. Think horizontal lines or widely spaced vertical lines or diagonal lines that point toward the center of the body rather than toward the head or feet.

So, if dressing for your body type includes wanting to minimize height or length and maximize a garment whose lines are positioned similar to one of the diagrams below.

Check out the images below, how are your eyes directed?

Again, whether the lines are part of the women's clothing fabric, pattern or garment seams, a shorter and more voluminous shape may be achieved with a single horizontal line, horizontal lines spaced further apart or spaced out vertical lines that are elements of an outfit.

Body Shape Fashion Tips on Clothes # 1, Part C
How can I direct an on-lookers eyes? Leverage Lines

We’ve discussed it, eyes follow lines…womens business clothes and womens clothing of all kinds, usually include several different kinds and types of lines.

Which lines do you think get the most attention (look below and take a guess)?

Correct, the more dominant line(s).

So, if you want to emphasize your face have a bolder line at your neckline…want to highlight your waist, put the bold line at your waist (as a woman with a banana body type, who wants to minimize her waist, this is not a tip I dominant horizontal line goes to the hips...where I want the illusion of width)…if you want to showcase your great legs, you guessed it, put the strongest line toward your legs (e.g., right at the hem of a mini or knee-length dress).

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