Basic Wardrobe Planning Strategy #3:

Make Smart Choices for Women's Fashion Style

Good basic wardrobe planning is achieved by being smart about women's clothing, especially womens business clothes. It requires women to make smart choices, like having a sense of what is and is not acceptable within their industry or profession including whether the dress code is traditional business attire vs. business casual.

For example, a woman in the arts can be more expressive or creative in her female business attire than would someone who is an attorney working in a traditional law firm.

How do you know what is or isn’t okay when it comes to women’s professional attire?

Take a look around your office, company, or industry at-large (at large conferences or conventions or in industry publications) and take note of what the women are wearing who are advancing and are well thought of, etc…you might get some good ideas…or try asking your mentors or other veterans in your field for their feedback.

Making smart choices when it comes to business professional attire includes dressing for the position you aspire to have. So, as suggested above, be aware of what the women in positions like the one you want are wearing. Glean ideas for your own female business attire wardrobe tips from them.

Must-Haves for Your Professional Wardrobe

Learning how to build a basic wardrobe also includes knowing what business clothes are critical to include in your wardrobe.

Although the style may change somewhat from industry to industry and person to person…there are a few essentials that belong in every woman's wardrobe. Click the following link to check out our Business Attire for Women: Basic Wardrobe Strategizing Video for more details (it's the second one in the library), and/or see the following checklist.

Women's Clothing Basic Wardrobe Checklist:

• Charcoal gray or black two or three-piece womens suit (e.g., jacket, skirt &/or slacks)

• Flattering-colored blazer or structured sweater or cardigan

• Skirt in a coordinating color

• Slacks in a coordinating color

• A white or black short-sleeved blouse

• Two short-sleeved blouses in coordinating colors

• Two long-sleeved blouses in coordinating colors

• “Little black dress” that can be dressed down to wear to the office and paired with suit jacket or blazer/sweater or dressed-up for an after-five business dinner (adding a fabulous scarf can be a beautiful touch)

• Flattering pair of closed-toe/closed-heel black pumps

• Dressy pair of pumps to wear with dressed-up “little black dress”

• A figure-flattering neutral colored trench coat with a removable wool lining

These recommendations are for a basic professional wardrobe upon which you can build over time.

That’s Basic Wardrobe Planning 101: Strategy #3...make smart choices.

Review?...if you'd like to go back and review any of the basic wardrobe planning information, feel free to do so:

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