Basic Wardrobe Planning Strategies:
Learn How to Build a Wardrobe

Three basic wardrobe planning strategies are the foundation for helping you look your best in your women’s clothes and bringing your fashion style to life. Work these strategies and see the difference they make in your personal and professional life. :)

If you're familiar with woman body types and learned the body shape fashion tips, great…because we’ll be using that information to clarify your wardrobe basics.

Three Basic Wardrobe Strategies

The three strategies we’ll use to refine your wardrobe planning and leads to building an aligned, results-oriented personal and business clothes wardrobe that you’ll look great in, include:

  1. Be smart, be you,
  2. Uncompromisingly choose your best fit and styles, and
  3. Make smart choices.

We’ll address each of these strategies one by one…

Before we's a video, "Plan Your Fashion for the Week Ahead," that you might find interesting:

Basic Business Wardrobe Planning:
Strategy #1

Strategy #1 is all about your industry, your aspirations and you…be smart, be you.

Basic Professional Attire Planning:
Strategy #2

Strategy #2 challenges you to commit to looking your best in clothes that fit your figure and compliment your personality…uncompromisingly choose your best fit and fashion styles.

Basic Business Clothing Wardrobe:
Strategy #3

Strategy #3 encourages you to use wisdom and savvy when making your business clothes selections after planning your women's business wardrobe, make smart choices.

How to Build a 12-Piece Wardrobe
that is Put Together

Knowing how to build a wardrobe using 12 foundational women’s clothing pieces can help you pull-together great wardrobe basics without investing a fortune on a strategic 12-piece business wardrobe.

Color Coordinating Clothes:
Look Great, Save Time and Money

Color coordinating clothes, while considering complexion and image, can save you money, stress and time when you’re putting together an outfit and womens business clothes wardrobe.

Womens Business Attire Videos:
Woman Body Types To Wardrobe Basics

The Artistry & Strategy business attire for women video library includes quick tutorials on everything from building wardrobes around ladies business suits to dressing for your body type and we're still adding to it.

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