Why the Average Female Height and Weight Matter When it Comes to Building a Professional Wardrobe

The average female height and weight in America has increased over the past few years...so has the height, weight and circumference of different body types.

According to HANES (1999-2000), a survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, the average height and weight of women in America is 5 feet, 3.8 inches and 163 pounds respectively.

This was an increase from 152 pounds and 5 feet, 3.7 inches in studies conducted 10 years earlier.

Same Pattern Size, Added Inches

It may be of interest to note that size measurements for women, and men, have varied over the years. According toMcCall’s Step-By-Step Sewing Book, pattern sizing was “changed to correspond more closely with standard ready-to-wear sizing.”

World Wide Averages 

Which is understandable since the average female height and weight has gone up over time.

In January 1968, most women’s and misses size measurements were increased by an inch in the waist and hip measurements. Upon checking how the measurements stack up today, measurements in these same areas have been increased by an additional one inch.

.5 Inches Per Decade 

So, since 1967, pattern makers have added an additional two inches in the waist and hip area for women’s clothing patterns, from cutting-edge Vogue dress patterns to simple Simplicity dress patterns.

In general, women's average height and weight measurements do not tend to vary widely from one area of the world to another. However, women in the United States tend to be heavier than women from other countries.

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Why the Average Female Height and Weight Matter

These average heights and weights of women are significant because they, to a degree, impact the cuts, styles and lines of ready-to-wear garments to a much greater degree in today’s marketplace than in years past.

Manufacturers appear to have accepted the fact that women vary in size and shape.

They are not all average in weight or height, as a matter of fact females vary significantly when it comes to height and weight:

to get body shape fashion advice click this linkvisit this link if you want to see a table to get a quick idea of how different cuts and styles impact dressing for your body shape).

More Options: Beyond Designers Average Female Height

Today, there are more companies who offer clothing from junior to plus sizes from petite to tall cuts. In the past, most women were restricted to shopping in specialty stores if they did not fit the narrow standard of what is considered to be “average” by designers and manufacturers.

However, the marketplace is still wide open for more extensive options for those of us who fall outside of designers and statisticians average female height and weight category…we’ll plan on sharing resources that we come across and are excited that their numbers are increasing.

Now you no longer have to ask yourself, what is the average height and weight for women in the United States...the stats have spoken.

I'm still a little surprised that the average women's height wasn't taller...but maybe that has something to do with me usually being easily pointed out in a crowd.

Note: In case you're interested in seeing what the average female height and weight looks like, check back with us...expect to see some photos of women between 5'3"-5'5" tall and from 145-170 pounds.

We'll also be showing you what these heights look like at various other weights and what the weights look like at a variety of different heights.

Feel free to contact us to let us know where you fall related to the average female height and weight and what unique women's business attire challenges that brings with it.

To hear some of my story, check out the body shape fashion advice I could have used way back when.

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